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Penguin Highway (PG)

Cyfarwyddwr: Hiroyasu Ishida, Japan, 2018, 117 munud, trosleisio Saesneg

Pam mae pengwiniaid yn goresgyn ei dref, er ei bod hi ymhell o'r môr? Mae Aoyama, 10 oed, yn ceisio datrys y dirgelwch yn yr anime ffuglen wyddonol ddychmygol hon sy'n dathlu llawenydd darganfod.


"If you love the surreal nature of Masaaki Yuasa’s work and the more whimsical nature of Studio Ghibli or Makoto Shinkai, then you’ll likely find a lot to love about Penguin Highway." - Anime UK News


"this eccentric Japanese mystery ranks among the country's more delightful exports." – Variety


"an irresistibly out-there mystery that plays like a cross between “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and “Stranger Things,” if either of those influences’ sense of horror were replaced with wonder, and their weird happenings took place in broad daylight rather than more atmospheric darkness." - Variety

Canolfan y Celfyddydau Aberystwyth, dydd Sadwrn 25 Mawrth 2.30pm


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