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Updated: May 25, 2023

On Sunday May 21st, at 6pm, we will be in Cardigan for our Watermarks event.

Watermarks is not just an evening of films, but an opportunity to reflect on the intricate relationship between humans and water.

Four short films will take you on a journey from Wales to Bangladesh, exploring the experiences of coastal communities and river dwellers against the backdrop of climate breakdown.

The projects include Doprujhiri (Asthma Beethe) about the Indigenous Mru community in a remote part of Bangladesh; Latika (Samsul Islam Shopon) about a mother's quest to keep her family's tradition of fishing with otters alive; Adra ni,y môr (Mared Rees), a tale of a mother and daughter's experience of the pressures of living on an eroding coastline; and She Sells Shellfish (Lily Tiger Tonkin Wells) about women working in aquaculture in Wales.

The films were commissioned by WOW Wales One World Film Festival and are part of our international partnership with Dhaka DocLab, funded by a British Council international collaboration grant.

Booking is free - donations are welcome!


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