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Under Milk Wood In Paint (U)

Director: Alex Williams

With the voice of Richard Burton in the original 1963 recording

UK, 2022, 1 hour 20 minutes

In this labour of love Alex Williams’ vibrant paintings bring to life Dylan Thomas’s most fabulous poem. The paintings are animated to the accompaniment of the incomparable Richard Burton reading Under Milk Wood as only he can, combining to create an affectionate, colourful portrait of dear old Llareggub. A skilful landscape painter with a wry sense of humour, Alex Williams creates a mesmerising, memorable version of a day in the life of a small Welsh seaside village. Unmissable for any Dylan fan this is the first ever showing in the UK.

World Premiere

The premiere of Under Milk Wood In Paint will be followed by an evening talk with Alex Williams, the painter behind this amazing version of Dylan Thomas’ most cherished work.

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Taliesin Arts Centre Swansea, Wednesday 29th March 8.00pm


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