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Made in Wales

A series of short films made in Wales and/or showcasing Welsh talent.

dear heartbreak.jpg

Dear Heartbreak

Ffion Pritchard, United Kingdom, 2023, 9'13''

Ellie the puppet's story of love and resilience.

cycle path.jpg

Cycle Path 

Red Wade, United Kingdom, 2023, 3’

An outrageous email from an anti-eco boss leaves a climate conscious cyclist with the need to act. 

 the planting of a seed_edited.jpg

The Planting Of A Seed

Joseff Morgan, United Kingdom, 2023, 15’

A resolute community group in South Wales explore innovative ways of collectively responding to the threat of climate change.

cariad brawdol_edited.jpg

Cariad Brawdol

Rhys Prichard, United Kingdom, 2023, 12’

Two brothers navigate their final day in Newport, Pembrokeshire, delving into divergent perspectives on life's crossroads.

theory of tomorrow.jpg

The Theory Of Tomorrow

Siôn Eifion, United Kingdom, 2023, 11’13’’

Decommissioned and discredited, an obsessive scientist will stop at nothing to finish his experiment. 



Lily Lawson-Broadhead, United Kingdom, 2023, 15’

Encouraged by his roommate, Teddy enters the world of online dating. Will he choose it over friendship? 

the museum of modern trash1.jpg

The Museum Of Modern Trash

Isabella Rose Bown, United Kingdom, 2022, 7’58’’

A reclusive person who lives in the wilderness is intrigued by the arrival of a strange art exhibition.

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