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The Visitors (PG)

Director: Veronika Lišková

Czech Republic/Norway/Slovakia, 2022, 1 hour 23 minutes, Norwegian with subtitles

This beautifully shot documentary follows Zdenka, a young anthropologist, and her family when they move to Longyearbyen to study how life is changing for the inhabitants of the world‘s northernmost town. Set in a beautiful snow-covered landscape at the end of the world this old mining town is now a growing tourist destination. As her research reveals the tensions that lie beneath the surface Zdenka touchingly grapples with her own personal resilience in the face of a host of global issues such as migration, nationalism, sustainability and climate breakdown. 

“the process of an outer and inner transformation make a profound and sensorial multi-layered experience.” Locarno International Film Festival

Ecosinema, Frated

Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Saturday 25th March 5.30pm:



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