Pay What You Can Guide

We are committed to making sure anyone can enjoy WOW, so you can choose what you pay based on your circumstances and your honesty (no proof / ID required).


£2 – this just covers the Eventive transaction costs and bank fees


£4a standard ticket covers transaction costs and the film hire fee


£6 – a Sofa Snuggle ticket for 2 or more watching together, this is a real bargain!


£8 – this will cover transaction costs, film hire and staff time too, thanks!


Other – If you’d like to invest in our next festival and put a big smile on our faces!

The Festival Pass

Celebrate the 21st birthday of the UK’s longest running world cinema festival. The Festival Pass gives you free access to all the films in the festival: 21 years, 21 films, 21 chances to enjoy a trip to another world.


Again, we’re taking a ‘Pay What You Can’ approach so the festival passes are priced accordingly.

£30 – Discount Pass, as low as we can go for you to join the party!


£50 – Standard Pass for those who know a good deal when they see one


£75 – Sofa Pass - for two or more watching together, the best deal of all!