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The only UK festival dedicated principally to films from Africa, Asia &
Latin America, WOW showcases thought provoking, eye-opening films from
places you rarely get to see on screen. For 23 years we have brought a
wide range of the very best international films to cinemas across Wales.
By screening online WOW is now reaching an even wider audience across
the UK giving film fans their only chance to see titles that have
entertained audiences at festivals across the world.


"The accessibility and diverse range of storytelling - discovering my new favourite film of the year which I otherwise wouldn’t have heard of, let alone seen!"

"As usually it is the high quality of the films.... I find the films at WOW festival really deep, eye-opening and a great opportunity for reflection."

“The variety of films, the ability to book in advance. The whole thing was incredibly well organised with some fantastic films. The opportunity to donate or not meant those suffering from low income could 


Born in West Wales, Rhowan Alleyne left at age 18 to study Japanese and History of Art and Archaeology at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. She enjoys finding intimate, expressive and visually arresting films that expand people's minds and horizons.


A freelance film programmer for thirty years, in 2001 David Gillam founded WOW Wales One World Film Festival.He has been its artistic director ever since. Between 2003 and 2013 David was also the first director of Borderlines Film Festival that grew to become the UK’s largest rural film festival under his leadership.

Annita Nitsaidou left Greece and her multicultural background to study Film Exhibition and Curation in Edinburgh. A lover of films and the unknown, there’s nothing she loves more than travelling around the globe (and beyond) through worldwide cinema.

nia face.png

Nia Edwards-Behi has been immersed in Welsh film culture for over 15 years, and has experience in, and passion for, the arts and media more broadly. With experience in programming, marketing, writing and public speaking, throughout her career Nia has specialized in issues of representation, inclusion and access.


"The diversity of films, earth/women/indigenous people - it was like 
travelling the world from our armchairs...  free so easily 

"I never usually have time to get to film festivals. But with wow 
online, I really did feel like I'd had a fantastic cultured time."

"Hearing indigenous voices, hearing the sounds of different languages 
spoken, seeing different terrains from parts of the world I will never 
see but that my life here impacts upon. Humbling and sobering."

"Being able to watch them with my children at home at an affordable 
donation. I would never risk taking them to the cinema to see this kind 
of film as it's too expensive for me."

"...the ease of the technical side was empowering."

Culture Declares - Statement

International and feminist, diversity, equity and inclusion of voices outside of the mainstream have always been core values for WOW.

As a film festival dedicated to world cinema, and as cultural generators committed to our mission, we are celebrating stories from around the world and screening films and creating debates on global issues such as climate breakdown and the biodiversity crisis.

WOW’s core aim is to use film and media from across the world as a mechanism to:

  • Develop cultural and global understanding 

  • Address social inequalities and to combat social exclusion and isolation

  • Promote equality and mutual tolerance, and to encourage cooperation, trust, and community cohesion

It is important to us to join with others that are committed to tackle the climate and ecological emergency and we are committed to doing so by screening truth-telling films that inspire action and change and connecting with other organizations internationally sharing the same values.

We see our role as not simply to attract Welsh audiences to see the very best of world cinema but also to actively engage those audiences with the stories, themes and issues within the films.

Partnership is fundamental to the way WOW operates. WOW has a twenty-year track record of

  • Working with underserved and diverse audiences to create events that showcase their culture

  • Providing a platform for the representation of Welsh culture, language, films & filmmakers

  • Increasing the diversity of people working in the sector


The WOW team has a wealth of skills & experience in curating diverse, exciting festival programmes, marketing to audiences that don’t regularly attend our partner cinemas year-round and enabling ‘other voices’ to be heard in discussions and to be seen on screen.


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