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World Cinema Shorts Vol.2

Part two of our selection of the very best short films from around the world. Screening online UK-wide, March 22-31.

i made war of the world.jpg

I Made War Of The Worlds

Luke Walters, United Kingdom, 2023, 15’

A down-and-out podcaster turns his attention to the mass hysteria myth of the 1938 radio drama "The War of the Worlds". 



Yiwei Lyu, United Kingdom, 2023, 12’

Thea, a 14-year-old girl, comes to the home of a strange man at the arrangement of her mother. But this time, something is different. 



Karim Azimi, Iran, 2023, 13’30’’

A young couple with other immigrants want to cross the sea, but they have problems when their baby is born. 

lost and found.jpg

Lost and Found 

Swappnil Tiwari, India, 2023, 11’32’’

How accurate is other people’s description of us? A lost man wants to find that out. 

ballpit wednesday lemonade.jpg

Ball-Pit. Wednesday. Lemonade

Daniel Howard-Baker, United Kingdom, 2022, 7’

A boy finds solace in a ball pit, at a soft play enclosure, where he meets his older self.

bunny jake is missing.jpg

Bunny Jake Is Missing

Shane Grant, United Kingdom, 2023, 5’

Baby Sammy is told that his pet bunny rabbit is on vacation. He suspects foul play. 

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