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WOW Wales One World Film Festival is a small independent festival that

has been screening the very best of world cinema for the past 20 years.


As a gift to our audiences in these difficult days, so everyone can

enjoy the festival, we have decided to make the films available

online through our ‘Pay What You Can’ offer.


We believe in building a world where the better side of human nature

shines forth and where we can make films accessible to everyone. Our

‘Pay What You Can’ approach allows people to choose how much they can pay based on their circumstances and their honesty.


If you are in a position to consider making a donation to support the

WOW Film Festival community please help us continue sharing the very

best of world cinema.


Your donation will mean we can run our ’small is beautiful' festival

again next year and that is something we hugely appreciate.


Thank you for your contribution.

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