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The Invisible Girl (15)

Director: Dorian Fernandez Moris

Starring: Luz Pinedo, Mayella Lloclla, Fernando Bacilio

Peru, 2022, 1 hour 30 minutes, Spanish with subtitles


Alice in the Cities meets Sebastian Salgado in this finely paced, tightly scripted and tremendously shot thriller. In the Peruvian headwaters of the Amazon the mafia controlling the local gold mine has created a ‘hell on earth’ for those in search of a better future. A haunted man with a gun, a bag of money and a shady past, Pedro knows the score. So, he is reluctant to help when two prostitutes fleeing their relentless exploitation come banging on his door. Tense, colourful and with a great sense of place, this is a real WOW discovery.


UK premiere

The short film, SALT WATER, will screen before the film

Kinokulture Oswestry, Wednesday 8th March 7.30pm



Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Thursday 30 March 7.45pm




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