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ECOSINEMA: Reflecting on Water

26 Sep 2021 A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended and supported our first ever Ecosinema mini festival! On the eve of COP26, EcoSinema was a timely new programme born from this desire to make a difference in the world. Our programme screened both at Aberystwyth Arts Centre from September 16-18, and online UK-wide from September 19-26. The inaugural ECOSINEMA, 'Reflecting on Water', brought together stories of water from Wales and the world. Spanning the Amazon, Lebanon, Iceland, and past and present Wales, these thought-provoking films invite reflection on the element essential to all life on Earth. Why were we interested in “Reflecting on Water”? 70% of the Earth’s surface is water. The most densely populated areas of the land are close to water, and vulnerable to flooding if sea levels rise as predicted. Our bodies are composed of around 60% water. Water flows through us and around us. Thinking about our own relationships with water helps us understand how we humans are connected to other bodies of water. Water caries memories and stories that transcend the boundaries of species, nationality, culture, and language. And yet, we overfish, pollute rivers and oceans with heavy metals and microplastics. As any water person will tell you, being in and around water teaches you to adapt to its flow. Water therefore can teach us resilience in a changing world. By continuing our WOW 2021 festival’s innovative approach to ticketing and prices, EcoSinema’s programme was available on a “Pay-As-You-Feel” basis to all online viewers, without the expense and carbon footprint of travelling to the cinema. This way, our most generous donors ‘paid-it-forward’ for those who could afford less and we achieved our goal in staying fairer and greener online. More on our Sustainability Journey here. As a cultural organization, we feel a profound responsibility to do whatever we can to educate, inspire and change the story of our collective future, and we are already looking ahead to our next Ecosinema event, but, for now, see you in March at our WOW Film Festival 21st edition!


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