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Opal (PG)

Director: Alain Bidard

With the voices of: Dawn-Lissa Mystille, Heather Mystille, Alain Bidard

France, 2021, 1 hour 25 minutes, English dialogue

Once upon a time in a magic kingdom lived Opal, a young princess who is the source of all the magic. If she's happy, the kingdom thrives. If she's sad, the kingdom dies. All is not well so the great Iroko, guardian of the kingdom, sets forth to investigate. What dire secret within the royal household is causing the trouble? Graced with a rich Afro-Caribbean sensibility and profound psychological undercurrents, this sumptuous animated fairy tale handles childhood trauma and adult themes (anxiety, incest, psychoanalysis) in rare, strange and optimistic ways.

“A unique, mesmerizing animated fantasy for young and old alike!” Fantasia Festival

Winner Best Animation Caribbean Tales International Film Festival 2022

Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Monday 27th March 5.30pm




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