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Saturday 25 March, 11am - 5pm 

Aberystwyth Arts Centre

A family friendly, joyful day full of anime, creative workshops, games and stalls. Anyone who’s a fan of animation - or a bit geeky in general - will love Abercon, our accessible west Wales anime convention. Come in costume to enter the cosplay competition.

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Made in West Wales

Are promoting human rights and protecting the environment on your to-do list? Well if not, they should be! Let this program of short animations made by the West Wales Animation Club and the young people who took part in Aberystwyth Arts Centre’s Wales-India project inspire you.

Tweet Us Equally

Do you know your rights? The West Wales Animation Group do! A colourful flock of birds debate the importance of human rights, civil rights, and disability rights.

Spells Of Protection

Poetry and artwork combine in a call to protect nature - with familiar species like owls, foxes, snakes, rats and bunnies, as well as fantastic creatures like unicorns and dragons! Inspired by the popular book The Lost Words, this is the latest film made by the West Wales Animation Group.



Abercon Plunderphonics (PG)

Enjoy an uplifting, interactive DJ performance alongside clips from popular anime films on the cinema screen. Artist Theo Delahaye samples popular anime and global music to celebrate the beauty of anime. Listen, watch, and enjoy!


11am - 5pm stalls, games and animation workshops in the theatre foyer upstairs.

Organised by WOW with West Wales Animation Club and Mencap Ceredigion. Funded by the National Lottery Communities Fund.

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Penguin Highway (PG)

Hiroyasu Ishida, Japan, 2018, 117 minutes, English dub


Why are penguins invading his town, even though it’s far from the sea? 10 year old Aoyama tries to solve the mystery in this imaginative sci-fi anime celebrating the joy of discovery.

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