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25th February - 13th March

Pride (A Lion’s Roar)

Director: Music Theatre Wales

Wales, 2021, 4 minutes


A powerful statement delivered through a visually-pleasing and musically-enchanting piece of poetry.

pride a lion's roar.png

25th February - 13th March

Daughters of the Sea

Director: Krystal S.Lowe

Wales, 2021, 5 minutes


An empowering retelling of a Welsh folklore explored through modern dance on the coast of Wales. It explores the fight to fully understand where and with who you belong.

daughters of the sea.png

25th February - 13th March

Under Milk Wood

Director: Amelia Lloyd

Wales, 2021, 15 minutes

An adaptation of Under Milk Wood. A rural Welsh community sleep and dream, everyone with their own secrets and stories to tell. They awake to face the realities of another day. 

under milkwood.jpg

25th February - 13th March


Director: Mared Rees

Wales, 2021, 12 minutes

A concise, well-performed & neatly curated tale, haunting-yet-admirably relatable to a generation. 


25th February - 13th March

Rhyl From Bygone Era

Director: Ffion Pritchard

Wales, 2021, 9 minutes

A take on the history of Rhyl with a forward-looking depiction of the future of the rural seaside town. 

rhyl from a bygone era.jpg

25th February - 13th March

Salt Water Town

Director: Dan Thorburn

Wales, 2021, 15 minutes

Liam’s Dad finds out their caravan park is worthless, will they finally decide to leave or can Liam never escape? 

salt water town.jpeg

25th February - 13th March

Through the Waves

Director: Ben Roberts

Wales, 2021, 7 minutes

It's the 14th April 1912 and Artie Moore receives a message on his homemade wireless equipment. A distress call from the sinking Titanic. 

through the waves.png

25th February - 13th March


Director: Lottie Pojboy

Wales, 2021, 5 minutes

Sal can’t even start his new painting, will his mother help him find that spark to start his passion again?

intuitive title.jpg
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