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25th February - 13th March

Childhood Memories


Director:Vincenzo Aiello 

Switzerland, 2021, 12 minutes

While moving in, a young woman finds a strange toy that will bring her back childhood memories.

childhood memories.jpg

25th February - 13th March


DIrector: Noboru Suzuki

Japan, 2021, 13 minutes

A mysterious old woman who claims to be a 400-year-old vampire, and a con man who tries to swindle her out of money. What will happen at the end? A dialogic play that takes place at a coffee shop outside the town.


25th February - 13th March

Brothers Again

Director: Vanja Tognola

Switzerland, 2019, 11 minutes

Franco, an elderly man, lives his life in serenity with his wife Margherita. The arrival of his brother Vittorio breaks the calm...

brothers again.jpg

25th February - 13th March

Verdict 30.001: The Cookies

Director: Henna Välkky & Samuel Häkkinen

Finland 2020, 9 minutes

The average adult makes around 35 000 remotely conscious decisions each day. Each decision carries certain consequences - both good and bad. Even if it's just about a box of cookies.


25th February - 13th March


Director: Raúl Monge

Spain 2019, 10 minutes 

Hopes tells the story of a pair of homeless people; a little girl and her hooded companion who wander the streets looking for food and begging. Only when they return to the "home" do we discover that their relationship is based on a very particular dependence. 


25th February - 13th March


Director: Cassiano Prado
Brazil, 2018, 9 minutes

Rosa is a sceptical mother who denies there is more to her daughter's
rejection than a pure tantrum.


25th February - 13th March


Director: Mike Malajalian

Lebanon, 2017, 10 minutes


A young woman becomes anxious at the news of the return of her husband who disappeared 30 years ago during the civil war. 


25th February - 13th March


Director: Jonas Gramming

Sweden 2017, 15 minutes

A strange old man moves in to the abandoned apartment next to Sara's. We soon realize that his intentions are devious. Someone is in trouble. Something bad is going to happen. But things may not be exactly as they seem.


25th February - 13th March

The Blizzard

Director: Alvaro Rodriguez Areny

Andorra, 2018, 12 minutes


The Second World War. Marie wakes up hurt and disoriented in the middle of a snowstorm. In front, a mysterious forest separates her from her daughter.

the blizzard poster.jpg

25th February - 13th March


Director: Mireia Noguera

Spain, 2017, 11 minutes

A young man helps an old lady to carry the laundry to her house. Once inside, the woman isn't willing to let him go.

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