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Stories of Unarmed Civilian Resistance

Series of films is about civilians harnessing the power of nonviolence to create safer spaces for a dignified life. From the Creating Safer Space project.


Pervivir entre las violencias

Historias del pueblo Nasa en Colombia / Survive among violence. Stories of the Nasa people in Colombia

The Nasa ancestral people of Colombia have lived amidst the Colombian armed conflict for decades. Armed groups, illicit economies, and economic conglomerates target them, jeopardising their survival, and endangering their ways of life. Through Ana Deida, a Nasa woman leader from Resguardo de Huellas Caloto, the Ritualising Protection project team journeys to understand the risks faced by the community and their historical resistance processes. 


Inter-regional learning on UCP in Nigeria

This video captures insights from an intergenerational and collective impact model adopted by the Jos Stakeholder's Centre for Peace in Jos, Nigeria, to reduce violence in the context of two communities, Angwan Damisa and Balakaze, that have witnessed several episodes of communal conflict. The insights could help other Nigerian communities adapt the model to reduce or prevent violence in their specific context, such as in Maiduguri where ex-Boko Haram fighters and internally displaced persons (IDPs) are returning and changing the composition of the communities.



This film explores the history and meaning of a community-based socio-cultural and political practice known as Minga, an indigenous form of protest and resistance. The film looks at Minga in the context of armed conflict through the experiences of resistance of the Nasa indigenous communities in the department of Cauca, Colombia.


Cuidando la vida en comunidad / Caring for community life

In Caring for Community Life, the Senú indigenous people of the Almendros 2 reservation in El Bagre, one of the municipalities hardest hit by armed violence in Colombia, tell how they have been organizing to resist armed groups and remain in their ancestral territories.

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