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7th March - 13th March

Zahori (PG)

Director: Mari Alessandrini

Starring: Lara Tortosa, Santos Curapil, Cirilo Wesley

Argentina/Chile/France/Switzerland, 2021

1 hour 45 minutes, subtitles

Life in the Patagonian desert is harsh. Adrift in a foreign culture 13 year-old Mora is determined to become a guacha. In trouble at school and saddled with a younger brother to look after, Mora watches her Swiss parents fight to keep their dream of self-sufficiency alive as the bitter winds blow. Her only true friend is Nazareno, an old Mapuche who has lost his beloved horse, Zahorí. This skilfully explores the thoughts and feelings of a spirited girl on the cusp of adulthood determined to forge her own path.


“A sensory, animist, shamanic and luminous tale” Le Courier


“A feminist Western where we discover a young girl in apprenticeship, emancipating herself from her condition as a woman.” Mari Alessandrini


Winner Centenary Award for the Best Debut Film International Film Festival of India 2021


UK premier


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