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World Cinema Shorts

A selection of the very best short films from around the world, screening at Aberystwyth Arts Centre on Wednesday 29 March, 2.30pm. You can also catch some of the shorts in front of features at cinemas across Wales (see film pages for details), or an expanded selection online in April after that.

Aberystwyth Arts Centre on Wednesday 29 March, 2.30pm




Cracked (Turkey, Mahmut Taş, 5’)

A little girl tries to save nature in her own way.

Photo 6 202204_Mask-722-min.jpg

Mask (Ireland, Margaret Kane-Rowe, 10’ 45’)

A troubled young father leaves his sleeping child alone in the car.


Mirrors (Sweden, Paul Jerndal, 3’)

Three people meet their mirror images and their worst self-critical thoughts head on.

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 18.05.30.png

Salt Water (Venezuela, Paola Bohórquez, 04’40”)

Deftly told tale of a day-in-the-life of a boy whose mum is doing anything she can to put food on the table.



Speaker (UK, Alan Hamwan, 6’ 57”)

A disabled grocer goes to work as usual. On the way, he tries to save a girl’s life.


The Torrential Melody (Mexico, José Luis Saturno, 6’ 55”)

Dynamic animated story of a drought-struck town that entrusts its destiny to a wandering musician and his accordion.


Katvoman (Iran, Hadi Sheibani, 7’ 35”)

A mother and son happily play Catwoman-Batman. Once the father returns home the noises from next-door become too much to ignore.

Photo 2 Mink_Still_For_Poster.jpg

Məca (Canada, Ritchie Hemphill & Ryan Haché, 8’ 18”)

A stop motion animation of the 'Nakwax'daxw legend of the Mink told by elder Ida Smith.

Photo 1 Priangan_still_photo1.jpg

Priangan (Indonesia, Andry Herdiansyah, 13’)

A delightful doc about a teenage girl who competes in the traditional Sundanese sport of fighting rams, usually the preserve of men only.


She’s The Protagonist (Belgium, Sarah Carlot Jaber, 14’ 1”)

A humorous feminist take on traditional forms of storytelling. Tired of always playing second fiddle to the male character, the Protagonist goes on a road trip with her friends.

the sprayer.jpg

The Sprayer (Iran, Farnoosh Abedi, 8’ 45’)

The sprayers army controls the land, then one of the soldiers finds a seed buried deep down in the dust.

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