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25th February - 3rd March

Under Construction (15)

Director: Rubaiyat Hossein

Starring: ​​Shahana Goswami, Rikita Nandini

Bangladesh, 2015, 1 hour 28 minutes, subtitles


MADE IN BANGLADESH director Rubaiyat Hossein paints a vibrant portrait of a woman whose life - like Dhaka, the city she lives in - is still under construction. Actress Roya puts her passion for her art before marriage and motherhood. Meanwhile working class Moyna starts her journey into motherhood and life as a factory worker. A staging of Rabindranath Tagore’s play 1926 Red Oleanders, which launched a critique on industrialization at a time when the whole world was celebrating it, forms the backdrop to this multifaceted exploration of female empowerment. 


“Cinema is a very powerful medium. It is a medium that has always used women’s bodies to create a sense of erotic pleasure for the spectator. Women are objectified in films, thus, there is the greatest potential and urgency to challenge that notion through cinema itself.”

Rubaiyat Hossein

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