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2nd March - 8th March

Liborio (15)

Director: Nino Martínez Sosa 

Starring: Vicente Santos, Karina Valdez

Dominican Republic/ Puerto Rico/Qatar, 2021,

1 hour 39 minutes, subtitles 

This mesmerising tale of a peasant outcast turned prophet is told in a visionary style that creates a sense of wonder as it immerses you in the lush forests of Liborio’s staggeringly beautiful unspoilt Eden. In search of freedom, enigmatic ‘Father Liborio’ moves to the mountains to create an independent community, a symbol of hope and resistance to the colonial forces around them. There Liborio does his best to avoid an inevitable confrontation with invading US marines.


“Subverts expectation at several crucial junctures."      Screen Daily


Best Director Award Lima Film Festival


UK online premier


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