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10th March - 13th March

Karmalink (PG)

Director: Jake Watchtel

Starring: Srey Leak Chhith, Leng Heng Prak, Sahajak Boonthanakit

Cambodia/USA, 2021, 1 hour 41 minutes, subtitles

Past lives and future dreams collide in this fresh, highly entertaining sci-fi mystery that mixes Buddhism and AI to spectacular effect. Trying to sort out his past lives, 13-year-old Leng enlists his friend to help him track down a stolen golden Buddha that appears in his dreams. With the kid’s friendship at its emotional heart their grand adventure makes great use of Phnom Penh’s locations while moving smoothly back & forth in time. A fascinating, beautifully made, intriguing trip to where science crosses over into metaphysics.


“a magical spiritual mystery tour,”


“An imaginative and original debut”          Screen International


Winner Jury Award for Best Feature Santa Fe Independent Film Festival 2021


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