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7th March - 13th March

Reflection: A Walk With Water (U)

Director: Emmett Brennan

Starring: Kathy Bancroft, Gigi Coyle, Ariel Greenwood

USA, 2021, 1 hour 20 minutes 

This fascinating, beautifully shot film takes a deep dive into our relationship with Earth's most precious resource. Emmett Brennan joins a ‘pilgrimage with water’ that follows the Los Angeles aqueduct from the desert into the heart of the city that sucks in so much water that it leaves others vulnerable to drought and massive wildfires. Along the way, we meet ecological iconoclasts, indigenous voices, farmers and permaculture designers who offer an inspiring vision of how we can live our lives around water in a radically different way.


“ . . . an optimistic and hopeful story.”    

Musee Magazine


“In the midst of a climate emergency, Reflection: a walk with water is an enlightening investigation that urges humanity to rethink life’s most basic resource.”            

Jose Rodriguez, Tribeca Film Festival


Winner Mill Valley Film Festival Audience Award


UK online premiere

reflection_ a walk with water.jpeg

Watch Trailer

Sunday, March 11th 8:30pm

Q&A Session

WOW is working in partnership with The Landworkers' Alliance, to host a Q&A session to talk about the issues raised in the film and solutions we can find within the sphere of agroecology. Join us for FREE on Sunday March 11, 2022, 8:30pm.

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