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7th March - 11th March

18kHz (15)

Director: Farkhat Sharipov

Starring: Musakhan Zhumakhanov, Alibek Adiken, Kamila Fun-So

Kazakhstan, 2020, 1 hour 19 minutes, subtitles 


Vibrant, kinetic and powerfully performed with its clever use of dreams and fantasy sequences, this is teenage angst at its most uncompromising; a Kazakh Trainspotting. Life is tough growing up among the dilapidated tower blocks of Almaty, where only a grim future awaits. After a chance discovery in old walkman, Sanzhar and his mate Dzhaga gravitate towards a group of older kids in search of freedom and excitement. Apparently 18kHz is a sound frequency adults cannot hear.


Warsaw International Film Festival 2020 Grand Prize


Film Festival Cottbus 2020 Best Youth Film


UK online premier


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